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December 9, 2008

Tuesday and Rain

IMG_0717Guess what?!?! It snowed a little bit. I even got a picture of it. Yup sure did!  Over in the corner of our yard, where Chloe likes to dig a hole, there is white stuff, I think its snow! How exciting! LOL! Yea I guess it doesn't take much to excite me. To bad that's all the snow we got, I think the rain is washing it away, kind of depressing, stupid rain! Maybe we will get more snow another day right?! One can hope.

I am a member of a Blogger group called SITS, I am sure you have seen their little buttons over on the side of my blog. Anyway, yesterday they featured the nicest blog, the family is just amazing. She is a mom of 4 girls, bless her! Her blog is beautiful, I love the layout. She writes the nicest and funniest things. Here is her link if you want to see for yourself: A Thorn Among Roses. So anyway, I just wanted to give one of my fellow SITSta's a shout out because I just really enjoyed her blog that MUCH! I wish she had a button for her blog, cause I'd sure add it to my side bar!

So anyway, it's naptime for Kristopher and I need to catch up on some laundry and dishes. What fun! Not really...

Coming Soon!

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