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December 10, 2008

OMG its 27 degrees outside!

Everything is all frosted over. The van was no fun, having to wait for the windows to defrost while trying to see out the front window. Because if I waited, the kids would of been late to school. So I turned the defrost on full blast and sprayed tons of window cleaning fluid on it and within a minute or so I could see fully out the front window. Now the side windows are a different story. 48Here in El Paso almost every stop sign is a 4 way stop sign and  well you have to see who turn it is next and that's kind of hard when you can't see out the side windows. So of course I have to roll down the window and let out our freshly semi warm air, which is taking forever to warm up by the way. I look back into the back seat and all 4 kids look like they have taken on the habit of smoking cigarettes. Kailey and Cassie thought it was cool they IceCrystalsWindowcould blow out white air. CJ and Kris were just amazed at the snowflake looking designs on the windows.  Those things are very kewl looking by the way. It literally looks like snowflakes got stuck to your window and froze in place. Very pretty. I am seriously hoping it warms up either today or tomorrow because I have to run to Wal-Mart and buy Kailey a girlie coloring book with some crayons, which has to be wrapped for her Christmas Party in class this Friday. They are swapping gifts and making waffles for breakfast that day. She has 450x300_choc_cov_cherriresto take a jar of cherries for the waffles. Who eats cherries on their waffles? I don't! But maybe some people do? I'm not a big cherry eater, only when it involves chocolate, then I can eat them.  Oh now I'm getting hungry...I might have to go dig out my stash of chocolate covered cherries we bought at the store Saturday! Oh Yummy!!!

Over on Jumping in the Jungle, Jane is hosting a WHY WEDNESDAY where we can ask WHY? and hopefully get some answers to our most unanswered questions. So for my question I'd like to ask, "How come our husbands can't read our mind?" Wouldn't life be so much easier if they could. Then they wouldn't have the excuse of "I didn't hear you say or ask me to do that!" Knowing good and well they did, but they try to act like they didn't. If they could read our minds they wouldn't have that excuse. And when its time to fold laundry or do dishes, they would read our minds and know to come help out without having to be asked. They would even be able to read our minds and know "Okay, the trash bag is overflowing, please take it out NOW! and don't forget to put a clean bag in the trash can when your finished!"

Coming Soon!

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