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November 6, 2008

Sick babies and not much sleep

Last night while finishing up my homework, my husband fell asleep next to me on the bed and proceeded to talk in his sleep. I couldn't understand half of what he said, but it was interesting to try and figure out what the heck he was saying. I figured I'd play on the computer until he finally stopped talking because I knew there would be no way I could sleep while he was over there having his own conversation in his dreams. After about 20 minutes of this he woke up, startled and upset. I closed my laptop, put it aside and rubbed my fingers through his hair for a little while as he calmed down. Soon after, CJ starts coughing and crying. So I go check on little man and he isn't feeling to hot so I gave him some cough and cold medicine to help him sleep. Poor Kristopher had already started not feeling well earlier in the day and I had given him some cold medicine already to help him sleep through the night. So both kids were drugged up and hubby had already fallen back to sleep, so now its my turn right? Yea right, I tossed and turned forever it seemed. I finally feel asleep around 2am I believe. Around 5am hubby woke me up to tell me goodbye as he was leaving for work. I then tossed and turned some more and about 6am CJ started whining and coughing some more. So much for going back to sleep. I didn't even have the energy to fight with the girls to get them ready and off to school this morning. Both the boys have runny noses and don't feel good. The girls seem to be okay though. I'm going to have to bribe them into babysitting some today so I can get caught up on some house work and laundry. Poor kids probably would rather go to school then be stuck at home helping me. But getting them to school this morning by 7:30am after not much sleep and being exhausted was just not at the top of my list. My list was more like get out of bed, change diapers, give medicine, feed kids, can I go to sleep now?

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