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July 3, 2008

4 More Days...

thursday morning 002It's 4 days right? We fly out on July 7th around noon. But we have to leave here early in the morning. We won't arrive until late Monday evening. Man we are all going to be so very tired. But in the end it will be totally worth it!

The weather is actually nice and cool this morning. It finally rained! The 90 degree weather yesterday and of course no air conditioner, was killing us all. It's a nice 66 degrees right now. So we opened up the windows and turned on the fans, ahhh nice and cool now! Can you feel the breeze?

thursday morning 011 I'm using the kids as slaves. lol The floor needed a good sweep and we don't have a broom. Only a small brush and dust pan. I'd rather not get down on my hands and knees and sweep the floor. So why not put the kids to work? They act like they are so bored anyway. Cassie and CJ took turns. I only have pictures of CJ though, Cassie refused to let me take her pictures cleaning.thursday morning 007 thursday morning 008He is doing a wonderful job isn't he? Such a clean floor now! Today is my husband's last day of work. YAY! Tomorrow is the 4th of July so I'm hoping we can go do something fun. I don't know if we will be able to go watch the fireworks, because it doesn't get dark here until 10:30pm and the kids will be asleep by then. :(

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