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June 30, 2008

Moving Monday

Well we left our apartment today. Good bye home. You have been great the past 2 years, you little matchbox you. I'm glad to tell you bye. It means I'm going stateside and I can visit Wal-Mart, not pay to use the potty, get fast food on every corner, and most of all see my Family!

It was quite the experience today. The movers were in every room it seemed. So what room did that leave us? The Bathroom! The bathroom was the only finished, cleaned room that had somewhere for me to plug the laptop in so that the kids could watch a movie on it. So yea, we spent all morning in the bathroom of all places.

But now that's all over. We are in our REALLY NICE hotel room! Its sooo much nicer than my apartment. The kitchen is the best! So here are some pictures:

Kailey on the couch bed:hotel 003

Kris in the playpen, driving a plane on the bar:hotel 004

The kitchen, might I add its nicer then the one in our apartment:hotel 005

Me and Chuck's room:

hotel 006

The bathroom, Cassie washing her hands:hotel 007

CJ already trying to figure out the TV:hotel 008

We will be home in a week! See you soon everyone!

Coming Soon!

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