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June 27, 2008

Thank Goodness It's Friday!

23 Only 10 more days until I fly home! I can't hardly wait!

The packers got a lot  done yesterday. Including packing our suitcases. Good thing there wasn't anything in them yet! But the house has kind of been left upside down though.

4 This used to be our front door entrance. Now its full of boxes and the playpen. The Dinning Room is full too. They just left us like this. So frustrating. But I guess we only have to deal with it a few more days right?


5 6

Here are some pictures of the boys from this morning. They are kind of bored. As you can see Kristopher is sitting in the recliner! They left the front of the house alone and packed everything in the back of the house except for the beds and one dresser. So when they come back Monday they will do the Living room, Kitchen, and Dining room. Then we will move into the hotel! I just pray the hotel has Internet! 1

www.HugAHero.com is my new best friend. They make pillows for kids who's father is deployed or away from home. So we took a picture of Chuck the other day in his uniform when he got home from work and ordered the pillow. I'm hoping the pillow of Daddy will help CJ with Chuck being gone for 3 months. Them two are very attached to each other and I think CJ is going to have a hard time and not understand why Daddy isn't around for awhile. They say on the web site it takes about 4-6 weeks for delivery, but it should be worth the wait. If I like it enough I may have to buy one for myself!



Don't we look good and bored? I was trying to watch my Soaps when these little guys came crawling into my bed. That's okay, they make good company.

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