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June 25, 2008

Furniture, I'm going to miss you!

Today is our last full day with our furniture until October. Well besides the beds, hopefully we can keep them until Monday. Today is my last day to clean house, pack, sort, toss junk, and enjoy sitting in hubbies recliner. Tomorrow it will be packed, boxed, wrapped, and thrown into a big German moving truck and sent over the big blue sea to the United States of America. It's kind of depressing actually. We will be fine though, at least we have each other. My husband is driving me nuts. He doesn't seem to be worried about cleaning and packing the bags for the big airplane ride. It's stressing me out to no end, but he seems to have no worries. I have all the kids stuff packed for the most part. I think there is still a few things that need to go into their bags. Like diapers, wipes, toys, cars, books....crap okay a lot of things still need to go into their bags. My bag probably has a long way to go too I'm sure. *Sigh*

Kristopher is learning to talk. A conversation with him goes something like this:
Kris: Mom
Me: What?
Kris: Mom
Me: What?
And so on and so on!
Well at least he knows how to say mom right? He can also say "Hey". He even said "Yes" last night when I asked him if he wanted to eat dinner. Pretty soon he will be old enough to talk me to death like the rest of them.

On a sad note, Kitty Kat went to a new home last week. We will miss you sweet girl. You were the best snuggle buddy ever!


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