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April 9, 2008

Wednesday Morning

Good morning everyone! Not much really going on around here. I signed the girls up for a summer program if we are still here in June/July. I'm not sure if they are going back in June with their dad yet as I haven't heard anything from him, so I figured it wouldn't hurt to go ahead and sign them up. I can cancel it at anytime they said if we leave sooner. A summer program is something they really need. So we will see.

We haven't heard any news about Chuck getting into CID school so it looks like its going to be July before we come home. Which is when we were suppose to come home anyway, but I was hoping to get out of here early. Oh well. :(

pics 001 pics 002 pics 004 pics 005 pics 006

We are half way through Spring Break and they are driving me nuts already. They are mostly just bored. So they ask me a million questions and I've played almost every game we have with them more than 2 or 3 times each. We are trying to switch Kristopher over to whole milk. Its going okay. He has his moments where he doesn't want to drink it and then sometimes he does. CJ is getting over an ear infection, but still kind of ill from not feeling well. Kailey is sitting on the couch right now watching Strawberry Shortcake. Cassie is over at the table writing something. I'm trying to get her to write and read more. All of the snow is pretty gone again. Only patches of snow here and there. Our snowman is long gone. It was knocked over within two hours by some kids. I'm so glad we took pictures when we did. Well I'm just rambling now. So I'll go.

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