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February 12, 2008

Tuesday Fun

This morning Hubby took the Blazer to the shop to get some new tires put on. I wonder what else they will find wrong with it? It hasn't been in the shop for 3 years. We hope to trade it in when we get back home. I hope getting things fixed on it is worth it. I know nothing about trading in vehicles.

The kids are driving me nuts. They have been home 4 days straight. They argue, fight, don't listen, arg! I love them anyways. LOL! Cassie got her cup in the mail today. Its suppose to make pill taking easy. Well she wouldn't even try it. Hopefully it wasn't a total waste of money, maybe I can talk her into trying it sooner or later. I'm still trying to figure out what to do with CJ. He won't take naps anymore, yet he is ill all afternoon because he needs a nap. Even bedtime is getting difficult and that normally used to be a piece of cake. I tell you what, I think the terrible 3's are going to be harder than the 2's.

Hubby is suppose to be getting his interview done today. Suppose to anyways. I'm getting tired of all this waiting!

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