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February 4, 2008

Monday Madness

Hubby got a call on his work phone sometime during the night and left for work.

CJ my 2 year old has gotten into the girls little make up case and put all of it on his lips. Guess he figured he didn't need any make up anywhere else.

Kristopher my 1 year old has learned how to drink out of straws and stole CJ's juice box. After drinking it all, he just laughed. lol.

Cassie my 7 year old has to much energy this morning. I shoved her medicine down her throat and got it on the first try! Woohoo! I think she even had to help it down and took a big swallow!

Kailey my 6 year old, well she is just a trip like always. Silly girl.

Lilly the 10 week old puppy is currently in the kitchen playing quietly. Gotta love that dog.

Kitty Kat my what seems to be 20 lbs. cat is sleeping up here on the arm rest of the recliner next to me.

I'm tired. Its 8:30am. Can I go back to bed now?

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