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February 25, 2008

Good Morning Sunshine Rain

It was a beautiful weekend. The sun just shined from morning till night. But NOW its RAINING! :( But what a great weekend to sell Girl Scout Cookies!!! We had so much fun. The girls even asked people "Would you like to buy some girl scout cookies?" I was so proud of my little salesmengirls. They did an awesome job! I didn't get any pictures of the girls. I know i'm awful. But I did get a few pictures of some of my Brownie's selling Cookies.

This is Elizabeth. She is the sweetest thing. One of my smallest Brownies. Her mom is due with a little girl next month and Elizabeth is so excited.

In the back left corner is Amelia. Her daughters name is Kiara, not sure where she was at the moment. In the front we have Hannah and Elizabeth. Then directly behind them is Carrie and Claudia. Carrie's husband works with my husband. Me and her have become really good friends.

Here is our Troop's Mascot Lily. Isn't she beautiful. lol. She just got back from visiting a Troop in Flordia. We were so glad to have her back in time to sale cookies.

Yesterday we didn't do much. I stayed on the phone most of the day making sure our booth at the commissary was being taken care of and a bunch of other mess to do with cookies. I tell ya, I'm about tired of cookies already. I did buy me a box of the Sugar Free Choc Chip Girl Scout cookies...I must say, they were pretty darn good!

Last night before going to bed I found my boys all sitting together in the recliner. So of course I had to grab the camera.

Here they are all making noises with their mouths. They are a crazy bunch, thats for sure.

Not much going on today. The girls left for school about 30 mins ago. Kailey had to take 100 of something to celebrate their 100th day of school. So she took 100 fake pennies, they are foam like.

The dog upstairs is still there all by himself. We found out the owners left and went to the states. Nobody has seen anybody go up there and feed him or walk him. The poor dog must be starving and I cannot even image the amount of poop and pee that is probably up there. It started barking about 6am this morning. So since nobody else wanted to call the MPs, I finally did. I just can't take it anymore. So they are suppose to send someone by today to pick it up. I sure hope they do too!

I recieved a gift from my Secret Sister last Friday in the mail. It was some candy, a Valentine's card, and a Vanilla Reed Difusser. Hubby will love that! He loves the smell of vanilla. I need to take a picture of it all. I sent my Secret Sister a Walmart Gift Card. Hopefully she gets it this week. I purchased some cards for her too yesterday from the PX, so that i'll have them to mail out next month. I totally forgot to get my sister shannon a Birthday card...derrr I have the worst memory! I'll have so send her a hand made card, those are the best anyways, right?

Well I better run...I'll be back tomorrow :)

Today's Comic:

I remember wanting to join the circus when I was younger...

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