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February 18, 2008

The Break Comes to an End

Well it's Monday. The last day the girls will be home from the 10 day break. Hubby was suppose to have a 4 day weekend, but ended up having to work anyways. figures... Cassie and Kailey both are excited about school tomorrow. I think they are tired of me and bored with being stuck in the house. Who can blame them? We went to the store yesterday. Everybody got something but me. Kristopher got the kewl toy I think. Its a little people Police Car that makes all kinds of kewl noises and lights up. Here i'll find a picture...

There ya go, isn't it cute! And CJ hasn't stolen it from him yet either!
Hopefully today we are gonna go do something, anything! I've got to go to the PX and get my Secret Sister on AWF a present for this month. Oh yesterday, I bought a box of Frosted Flakes that has less sugar, GROSS! I will never buy that kinda Frosted Flakes ever again, its awful! I'm going to have to start adding sugar to my cereal now until this box is gone. Never Never Again!
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