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January 9, 2008

Prayer List

My Prayer List is starting to get long recently. So I'd like to share it with everyone so that you may also say a little prayer and keep them in your thoughts throughout the day.

My Aunt Brenda. Her son, my first cousin, passed away last year and he was her only child. I cannot imagine what it must be like to loose a child. Miss you! Chris' Memorial Page

Danielle. This young lady was in a horriable accident on New Years Eve. She was due with her first child in 2 weeks. He was killed during the crash and was delivered sleeping. Danielle has 15 broken bones and is going through massive reconstruction surgeries. More Info...

My Grannie. She is a wonderful beautiful lady. She lost her husband, my Papa, almost two years ago. You have to be a very strong person to bury your husband, a life long companion. Grannie, I hope one day I will be as strong as you are.

A little boy named Julian. He has cancer and is on oxygen and was only taking 9 breaths a minute last night. I cannot imagine what his mother must be going through. Stay strong little man. We are praying for you!

So if you could take a moment and say a short prayer or whatever you feel comfortable doing for these precious people I would be thankful.

Coming Soon!

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