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January 7, 2008

Happy Monday Everyone!

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Today is the FIRST Monday in 2008! So how is everyones New Year so far? Ours is okay. Nothing special really. We all have each other, our health, a roof over our head and food in our bellies. Thats all that matters right? ...Maybe a little bit to much food in some of our bellies...LOL! So whats that thing your suppose to do at the begining of each year? Make resolutions or something like that? You swear to loose weight and exercise more, it lasts a few weeks and then your back to eating cookies and watching tv on the couch? Yea so I'm not even going to make a resolution about something like that. A waste of time I think. Me not eat cookies and chocolate and ice cream and junk food in general? Not gonna happen. Maybe my resolution should be to keep the house more clean...Umm no, not gonna happen, another waste of time when you have 4 kids trashing the place 5 minutes after you just cleaned it up. Hmm lets see... Stop drinking so much soda? Thats a good one. Maybe I'll cut back on all the Dr. Pepper I drink. Thats gonna be a hard one though. ;) I'll stick with that one for now, for a couple of months, lets be honest, i MIGHT stick with it for a week or so. LOL! Ahh guess I'm not to good at resolutions. So do you have any????

I'd like to take a moment to congratulate my sister Julie on getting the internet! We got to chat online last night with our webcams and microphones. Very kewl. Miss you sis!

Today, so far, has gone to smoothly. The kids got up without a fight. I didn't have to drag anybody out of the bed by their feet. They ate breakfast quickly. They got themselves dressed...well except kailey put her shirt on over her Pajamas, yea that was funny! They were ready for school before 7:45am. Now thats almost a first! CJ and Kristopher have been getting along for the most part this morning. CJ has even been listening and hasn't thrown a fit yet...so far. Kristopher is taking his nap now. Me and CJ are watching "CARS". We actually haven't watched it in awhile.

OH and before I forget, Saturday night was the Father Daughter Dance...also known as "The Me and My Guy Snow Ball". Chuck actually danced with the girls like 7 different times. I'm jealous. He has only danced with me once and that was at our wedding. Sorry I don't have any pictures. I didn't even get a chance to eat until the end of the night and even then I was eating and working. Another lady was taking pictures though and I hope to get ahold of her pictures and see if there are any of them dancing or something. They really had alot of fun. I did too. But boy was I tired afterwards and my back was killing me from standing and running around all night. Kailey keeps wanting to know when the next dance is going to be...she gets mad when I tell her she has to wait till next year. lol.

Well I better run. Its almost noon and I gotta put CJ down for his nap. Kristopher will be up soon. I hope everyone had a great New Years and it continues to be great. Love you all,

Today's Comic:

^^now this sounds like my kids, except just bandaids in general!

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