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January 29, 2008

Day 3 - Cassie and her pills...

Well we are getting no where. Thank you for all the advice everyone left me. I can't dissolve or cut the pill or mess with it in any way. Its a time releasing pill so she has to take it whole. We haven't practiced with TicTacs but we DID practice with little tiny peices of bread rolled up in the same shape of a pill about the same size or smaller of the pill she is taking. She won't swallow that either. I totally forgot to try Abby's idea this morning. But will be trying it tomorrow morning for sure. This morning I was getting so frustrated. We tried shoving it in her poptart. I spoon fed her applesauce with it in that. She drank water out of a straw. We tried ice cream again. So after 20 minutes and ready to scream! I called hubby to come help. I walked outside into the hallway with Kailey as she waited for her friends to come pick her up and walk her to school. I don't know what hubby did, but it didn't work. I came back in after Kailey left for school and she still had it in her mouth. He went to take a shower. So I grabbed the pill, shoved it down her throat and it was gone. She gagged for a second but at least it was over with. After 40 minutes of trying to take a pill we were all tired and frustrated. About 9pm I told her to go on to school. She was a good hour late, but I wanted her to calm down first. You put the pill in front of her and she starts to cry and shake. Its awful!

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