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January 23, 2008

Appointment Update

Cassie was given 18 mg of Concerta. She starts taking them this Saturday. I called this morning to make her an appointment for 2 weeks from now but of course they said, please call back tomorrow after 11am. Ugh seriously, how hard can it be to make an appointment! Anyways, I have to watch her sleeping and eating patterns once she starts the medicine to see if there are any changes. I guess I'll update Saturday evening on how our first day goes.

Tonight is our Brownie Meeting. We picked China for our Thinking Day project. So we are making chinese lanterns, fan swap pins, playing chinese jumprope, and making chinese ribbons for our chinese ribbon dance, that we will be preforming on Thinking Day. What fun!

Chuck found out some very interesting news yesterday. If we are really really lucky, he may be getting into the May school, which means we will be coming home in APRIL!!! Kinda sucks though, we will miss our 4th wedding anniversary and each others birthdays. We won't really find out anything for sure until March though, so don't get your hopes up to high. Just pray, really hard.

Coming Soon!

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