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December 17, 2007

Videos and Update

Here is a video taken probably a month ago of the girls dancing and me singing. lol. We did this for my mom and I couldn't get the video to upload until now.

Saturday was our Troop Sleepover. The boys stayed with my friend Pam. She said they did very well thank goodness. The sleepover started at 6pm Saturday night. We played games, danced, had relay races, made crafts, and I did face painting. Then they watched Christmas movies and for our late night snack we had marshmallow snowmen and christmas tree graham crackers. Bedtime finally came around midnight. I finally laid down for about 10 minutes when Kailey woke up with a fever of 105.6. Me and my friend Gini took her to the German Hospital in town. They gave her a ton of medicine and said she had pneumonia. I sat up with her most the night so I didn't get any sleep. So Sunday me and Chuck took turns sleeping. He had worked night shift and didn't get to sleep any either. So last night we are all dog tired. We all sleep till about 7:30am this morning. So both the girls are home. Here is a video from the sleepover:

Chuck MISSED his PT test. Yes he MISSED it! So I don't know when he will take it. He said something about taking it tomorrow. I hope he does, I wanted a school date by Christmas, now its looking more like sometime after the New Year he will get his school date. Either way I'll keep ya'll updated.

Well I'm going to have to run. After such a crazy weekend the house is a mess. I have to clean and do laundry and I really don't want to. Is it nap time yet???

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