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December 11, 2007

Tuesday Post

So sorry I haven't posted in so long everyone. Friday I was sick with the stomach flu and I've been recovering from that. CJ has been sick and well just everyday life has not given me the time to sit down and post. So here we go, a long over due update on the Payne Family...

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The Girls want their teeth LOL!

Kailey lost her first tooth last Monday.
It was her top right one...here is a picture:

Of course anytime you pull out the camera CJ has to come get in the picture:

Speaking of CJ, he has become a pro with using a spoon recently. There is a long story behind him using a spoon. I tried many spoons and he wouldn't use any of them. He couldn't figure it out and he just didn't like any that I gave him. So when we went home in May of this year, we purchased some Lightning McQueen plastic spoons, they have Lightning and Sally on the them and are different colors. Well once he saw those he WANTED to use a spoon. So now he loves using a spoon and is quite good at it I might add. Here he is eating some yummy vanilla pudding with his Sally spoon:

Yesterday, Monday, I babysat a little girl named Kaylie. CJ seems to really like her. They get along great. He shares with her and everything. Here they are watching TV and eating popcorn yesterday:

Back to loosing teeth. Cassie lost her 5th tooth today during lunch at school. She went to the nurse and she gave her a little plastic treasure chest to put it in. She was so excited to show me when she got home today from school. Here is ms. toothless:

Of course again, I pulled out the camera and CJ came running to say "cheese" lol
CJ has been very sick, so he looks awful:

Poor kid has an awful runny nose, puffy eyes, and just feels plain awful. He is eating fine and drinking well though, which is a good sign.

Here is a picture of him and Kailey sitting on the floor watching TV (notice he has on Daddy's shirt, he has had it on all day lol)

I just caught CJ playing My Nintendo DS Lite, he is playing Kailey's Dora Game:

Aint my baby smart...2 years old and can play a Nintendo LOL!

Well thats about all thats been going on around here I guess. Weather is nasty and rainy. Not a bit of snow lately. Just rain. I'll let ya know as soon as we get some snow though! Take care everyone and Happy Holidays!

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