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November 5, 2007

Madness Monday

Well my Cassie has been throwing up since Monday night. She only does it during the late hours of the night or early in the morning. During the day she is fine and bouncing around and acts like she is starving and eats like a pig. Only to at night throw it all back up again. So Chuck is taking her to the doctor now. We got her a 9am appointment this morning. I pray they can figure out what is wrong and give her something for it. The only thing I can figure is the Stomach Flu. But she isn't running fever and is fine during the day, so I dunno. I'll edit this post when they get back to update.

***Okay I'm back to update***
Well she has to take 1 1/2 teaspoonsful of Maalox 4 times a day. She is on the BRAT diet (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast) until whenever they tell us to stop I guess. They did an Xray of her stomach, she has 10 pockets of air through out her stomach and intestines. They also think she may have reflux. I have 2 small tubes I have to fill up with poopie. Then one cup to fill up with poopie too and it has to be refridgerated. They wanted her to take Zantac but they were out, so they are suppose to call us when they get more in. I'm going to have to keep her home from school this week I guess. There is no school Thursday and Friday anyways for Conferences. I really hate she is missing all this school. But I'm hoping by next Monday maybe we will know more and she can go back to school then. Well thats all for now.
Teacher Conferences are this week. Kailey's is Thursday from 10:00-10:20 and Cassie's is Thursday from 10:30-10:50. I'm really hoping Chuck can get off for them so that he can watch the boys for me while I go. Guess we will see.

I ordered beautiful Teacher Ornaments for Kailey's Kindergarden Teachers. I didn't get Cassie's teacher one, I don't like her much. Isn't that mean of me? I think I might have to order her one this week, Cassie might get mad at me. Maybe Cassie's teacher is nice, but first impressions are everything, and mine of hers wasn't all that great.

Well I don't have any new pictures. Sorry. But the Girls have a Brownie Meeting Wednesday night so i'll probably get some pictures then. I hope Cassie will be well enough for it. If not me and Kailey will have to go by ourselves.

Well I better run. Have a great week everyone!

Coming Soon!

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