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November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Its days like today that really make me miss home. I remember as a child going over to my Grannie's house and sitting down with the entire family and eating a huge meal. My Papa would make an awesome Chicken Casarole that we all mouthwatered over. Afterwards the women would clean the kitchen, the men would pile into the TV room and watch the football game, while us kids ran around and played. Ahh memories...

Today me and hubby have been in the kitchen cooking all morning and washing dishes. Ugh i'm about tired of the kitchen now. Hubby made deviled eggs, the Turkey, Baked Potatoes, stuffing, and a Strawberry Pie. I made a Ham, greenbean cassarole, and pasta salad. We are going to have so many leftovers or either we are going to gain 10 lbs. lol.

CJ has an awful cough every since Tuesday night. Poor little guy. He feels like poopie. He hasn't lost his appitite though, he is a pig. lol. I rubbed some Vapor Rub on his feet and put a sleeper on him for nap. I hope he sleeps well and gets over this cold or whatever it is quickly.

Well i'm going to go for now. I may be back later to update about our day if I have time. Byes!

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