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November 23, 2007

Friday Shopping

Guess what?!?! I got the kitchen set i've been wanting to get the kids for Christmas FINALLY!!! I'm so excited!!! I think we are finally done with Christmas shopping for the kids now! This was the last thing I really wanted to get them!!! Can you tell i'm excited? lol We even saved $20 bucks on it! Also we got the boys some more sleepers, they love wearing them around the house all day and they keep them nice and warm. I don't have to worry about CJ taking his socks off and his feet being cold, or him sliding down because of his socks, cause you know those sleeper things have the rubber grips on the feet. To bad they dont make sleepers in my size. LOL!

Then we just went regular shopping....Cassie got make-up, Kailey got a Dora DSL game, of course CJ got cars, and Kristopher got some kind of toy Chuck picked out, I don't even remember what it was. But they both seemed excited about it. haha.

Well I promised to remember Kristopher's weight and height, so let me get it real quick, I wrote it down... He weighed 22 pounds and was 31 inches tall. They said he was growing great! The lady doctor said he had the cutest dimples. I'm so proud of my little guy. She filled out the WIC form for formula for me. And said she wanted to go ahead and switch him to a SOY based formula to see how that goes. Also she put in for him to get the milk allergy test. So I guess we will take him up to the lab and get that done when Cassie has to go back in December. I'll keep ya updated of course.

Cassie and Kailey are over on the couch fighting over Kailey's new Dora NDS game. The boys are both asleep. Then Chuck is back in the bedroom asleep too cause he has an awful headache and has to go into work tonight at 11pm.

We were going to put the tree up today but I dont believe thats going to happen now. Maybe Sunday we will before or after going to the Grocery Store. I'll make sure to take pictures of us putting up the tree. Which reminds me I need to buy batteries for the camera.

Well I better go...Byes!

Coming Soon!

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