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February 18, 2007

Hello Everybody

Just stopping in to tell everybody hey. Sorry I don't update this very much anymore. 4 Kids is alot of work. Cassie is learning how to tell time, Kailey is working on letter sounds and is writing her name very well. CJ has been watching "Your Baby Can Read" DVD's and has been pointing to his nose, mouth, shacking his head "no", he said cat and dog the other day too. His main words are still, "What's That?" and "Car". Maybe one day soon he will say "Mama, I love you", I can only hope. Kristopher is growing up way to fast and is the most happiest baby I've ever seen. He smiles at everyone and everything! He even started to laugh the other day when I was rubbing his belly. Chuck has been working Day and Night shifts lately, because somebody is on leave. In March and April there will be two more poeple on leave also, so his work is going to be a bit crazy for awhile. I'm finally getting over my cold, FINALLY! I've been trying to work on my Usborne Book business, but not getting very far. I hit rode blocks almost everywhere I turn. I do have one show booked for March 2nd, hopefully it will open some leads for me. Well that's all for now. I've gotta do the dishes and clean up the front of the house, AGAIN! I need a MAID!

Coming Soon!

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