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May 13, 2006

Saturday's Ramblings

Hi everyone, sorry i havent posted in awhile.

This past Wednesday was my stepdad Johnny's Birthday! I called him a day late to wish him a happy birthday, better late then never I guess.

Wednesday was a very busy day. I went with hubby to the PX and Commisary. Came home walked the kids home. Then Cassie had girl scouts. Then fixed Tacos for supper. Kailey got sick from the Taco sauce and started throwing up. No more Tacos for her for awhile. I slept really hard that night. LOL!

We got news that we should hopefully get the keys to our new 4 bedroom apartment Tuesday of next week. So I may be missing alot next week.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day! I've sent everyone close to me that is a mother a Mother's Day card...hopefully they get there today or the cards will be late. I really hate I can't do something special for my mom. I'd love to take her out to eat to the Olive Garden or something. Maybe next year I can make it up to her.

Hubby just walked in the door from working night shift. He will go straight to bed and I wont see him till 7 pm tonight probably. Night Shift sucks...BLAH!

Oh last night was a funny moment! I was sitting on our NEW couch with my feet propped up on our NEW coffee table and just relaxing watching TV. Hubby walked in, fixing to leave for work and said "WHAT IN THE WORLD?" I thought he was going to complain about the toys on the floor haha. But then he rubbed my BELLY and said "WHATS GOING ON IN THERE?" haha. I guess my BELLY has grown alot the past few days. Plus me being relaxed and just got finished eating supper, probably didn't help much. haha. So anyways, about my pregnancy, everything is going fine so far. I'm 12 weeks and 6 days pregnant today, with 190 days to go. So I'm in my 2nd Trimester now I believe.

Well I better go, CJ is finished with his breakfast and wants out of his highchair. So i'll try to post again tomorrow with a special message to all the mothers out there. Byes!

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