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April 28, 2006


Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. God blesses you with a small miracle to love and care for, for eternity. Does having more than one child make you selfish? Does one get more attention than the other? Does a mother love one child more than they love another child?

Of Course NOT!!! A mother should love all of her children equally. Maybe one child needs a little more help in life than another, but that doesn't mean the other children are ignored. For example, Kailey my middle child, is like a 3 year old trapped in a 4 year olds body, to hear the medical and teachers Tests tell it. So of course I spend more time with her on certain things that I wouldnt Cassie, my 5 1/2 year old. Cassie is learning to write words and read them. She is also learning to write numbers and count to 100. So we work on things like that. Both my daughters love to play and be read to, so this is something we do everyday and something I'm sure they will always remember their mother did with them. I love both of my daughters equally and do not give one more attention than the other. Then I have my 1 year old CJ. He can feed himself for the most part now, but has to be watched constantly as he is crawling and getting into anything and everything. He enjoys being read to and playing in the floor with whatever toys I have out at the time. He also loves his big sisters very much and enjoys watching and laughing at them, he thinks they are hilarious.

So now I've been blessed and God has given me a precious soul inside of me to grow and become another child for me to love and charish for ever. Will I love this child more than I love my others? Of course not, I love all of my children the same. Babies do need more attending to when small and fragile, but that is normal and all people go through that stage of life. Will I play with my children less because there is a new baby in the house? Will they feel unloved? Not as long as I have anything to do with it. My children, ALL FOUR OF THEM, will be loved unconditionally, they will recieve the same amount of attention, played with, read to, fed, bathed, cared for, ALL THE SAME!

So to anyone out there that thinks I'm a horrible person for getting pregnant with a fourth child and thinks I'm selfish, wrong, stupid, ignorant, and uncaring...Well they need to think again. I'm none of those things. I'm a PROUD MOM who will love and care for her children forever and always!

Thank You Lord Jesus for believing in me and blessing me with another child. I will do the best of my ability to make you proud and raise FOUR beautiful, caring, happy, and loving little children.

Coming Soon!

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