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March 25, 2006

Damselfly Nymph

So I was cleaning out my fish tank last night. I have 3 large females and 1 teenage female Guppies. Then I have one beautiful male Guppie. One of my females have given me 4 guppy fry recently who seem to be doing well. So anyways, during this water change, i noticed white long skinny insects in my tank. What In The World??? So I went to my favorite fish forum: http://www.fishforums.net/ I took a few pics of these little guys and they helped me to identify them as Damselfly Nymphs. They will eat my guppies if they get close enough to them. So I tried to remove as many as possible. I'll have to do another water change in a week to get any i missed. Hopefully none of these things will morph into an Adult Damselfly and start flying around the apartment, wouldn't that be a sight. They won't bit, but eat other insects. Here is a link to what these nymphs look like: http://insects.tamu.edu/images/insects/
Freaky huh? lol
And here is a picture of an Adult with wings:
Isn't he beautiful???
Well anyways, Just thought I'd share, I must go...I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!

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