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May 19, 2010

Rob on Ellen

April 6, 2010

Miley on Ellen

March 24, 2010


February 3, 2010

KidzTurn – Laurinburg NC

January 22, 2010

Pants on the Ground!


Are you watching American Idol this year? I am. And I am actually enjoying this year so far. This was by far my favorite contestant. To bad he couldn’t go to Hollywood!

January 18, 2010

Started new course today

Today I started my new course. It is called Diversity in the Classroom. Should be interesting and fun.

Heard from the hubby today. He signs his re enlistment papers tomorrow…who knows though, it’s already tomorrow there, he might have already signed them. Crazy time difference. lol

We know what company he is going to once he gets to Ft. Bragg already though. I’d say the name of the company, but it’s not like anyone would actually know what I was talking about. Supposedly they just got back from Iraq in November 2009 so hopefully it will be awhile before they deploy again and if we are lucky Chuck will be long gone from them by the time they do.

Took a picture of my crazy cat today:

new cam 001

January 17, 2010

Completed another college course!

It’s 11:43pm my time and I just turned in my final paper, all 2,143 words of it! OMG my fingers are tired! I’ve got to stop waiting until the last minute to write papers! But you know, I tend to do so well under pressure for some reason. So anyways…

Woohoo I’m 3 more credit hours towards my Associates degree! 2 Classes to go and I’m done! I can’t hardly wait!

Okay well I’m off to bed now. I’m exhausted!

January 16, 2010

Long time no type

Geez I keep meaning to keep this thing updated and I just forget! I never remember to come on here and put anything. I may just not have much to say I guess.

Update on hubby…

He comes home next month. Can’t wait!

He also re enlisted for Ft. Bragg, NC and will be coming home for good in May. What a wonderful birthday present! This 12 month deployment has sucked. I miss him!

3 of the kids were sick last week, they are all feeling better now.

My stepdad Johnny was in the hospital Friday, please say a prayer if you do that kinda thing. I’m hoping to go see him tomorrow.

I finish my current college course tomorrow! I have a 2,000 word paper due that I haven’t even started yet!

2 more courses to go and I'll have my associates degree. Can’t wait!

Okay well I can’t think of anything else. Byes!

December 16, 2009

Taylor Lautner on SNL

Video Recaps | Full Episodes | Webisodes

Video Recaps | Full Episodes | Webisodes

November 14, 2009

Saturday Shout-Out!

I like giving reviews to websites that happen to catch my eye now and then. I am a huge Google search junkie. Isaturday love finding new sites with kewl and interesting things. Online shops, helpful tips, etc. I don’t get paid to review these websites. Heck they may not even know I am reviewing them. But if it helps them out a little bit with their traffic, then all the better. If you would like me to review your website/blog just let me know and I’ll give it some consideration.

Today’s Saturday Shout-Out goes to The Vintage Pearl. I love their website. It’s so pretty and inviting. From the first time I saw their homepage, I immediately wanted to see more inside this fabulous little shop. Oh and was I surprised! Their jewelry is beautiful. blogad1-3 My most favorite item would have to be the Dainty Drops. But with me having 4 kids, a whopping $58 for something like this is a bit steep for me. I mean I understand you get 4 charms, but still. I guess I’m just cheap. I could see maybe paying $30 tops for a necklace like this, but no more. But hey some people don’t mind buying expensive handmade items. I am by no means giving this website a negative review, because I really love this little shop. It’s just the prices for me and my clan are a bit expensive. But for those of you with one or two kids, it would be a perfect place to get some handmade items that you just may cherish forever.

Well I’m off to get ready for a friends birthday party. Hope everyone has an Splendid Saturday!

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